Guest of Honour

Blü the Dragon

Art by M33KOR

We are pleased to announce ‘Blü the Dragon’ as our first GOH for 2018.
Blü also known as Blu the Dragon and Damo, is a video-blogger, professional dancer and actor. He is from Australia, has toured the USA with the Ringling Bros circus for 13 months, worked on various cruse ships in the middle of the ocean, invited to Vidcon in Australia, as well as being Confurgence GOH in 2015.

Blü is known for approaching popular topics within the fandom with his own twist, often playing a variety of characters to explain points or just generally being comedic. He sources comments from his Youtube and Twitter accounts to help create content, and works with other youtubers such as Majira Strawberry.

Want to meet Blü?

He will be joining us for the duration of the convention, giving our venue some much needed blue energy.

Blü will be holding his very own panel and taking part in some of our events as a judge, such as Motorfurs, Floorwars and Art auction. He is super excited about coming to the UK for his first UK furry convention, don’t worry we’ll look after him. Join us in greeting him with a huge warm welcome, and making his stay in the UK special. Chicken nuggets are his thing, we expect many to be consumed during his stay.

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Our second Guest of Honour will be announced later, watch this space!