Come and take a stroll through our Dealer’s Den, a showcase of some of the fandom’s greatest creative talents. This year we have even more Dealers that will adorn the Den with their amazing wares. Let them inspire you, support them by commissioning and purchasing what they have on offer*.

If you are creative with wares you too wish to sell, simply register and sign up for a place in the Den. You will need to be fully paid up until your table is confirmed.

Confirmed Dealers


Arty Mad Cow/Moo









*Please note; JFTW only offer a space for Dealers to exhibit and sell their work, we cannot be held responsible for commissions and/or purchases made.

  1. All Dealers need to sign the JFTW Dealers Den Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will result in the inability to deal within the den.
  2. Whilst JFTW provides and hosts a space for ‘Den Dealers’, JFTW does not endorse any specific dealers or or their products.
  3. JFTW is  not responsible for dealer’s sales, products or commissions. We are not liable for any disputes between attendees and dealers.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed by the dealer at their own discretion, all sales are to be considered final.
  5. We highly recommend that all attendees do their own research before agreeing to commission or purchase from any dealer.