Getting ready for next year

Ramping up for the Industrial Revolution

Favian Fox, Esquire would like to cordially invite one and all to the second glorious year of Just Fur The Weekend.

Enjoy a convivial stay at the Bristol Filton Holiday Inn, indulge oneself within its facilities and sample the menus on offer.

There you will find events suited for all parties, from electronic entertainments to musical recitations, all will keep you enthralled.

Meet friends, new and old, and forge great memories. We promise it will be a weekend you’ll never forget.

Join us over the long Easter weekend, between the 14th – 16th of April, 2017.

-JFTW Team

Count The Days...

A Little History…

In the late 18th century, the industrial revolution began.

Over the next century new technologies swept the globe fueled by steam and steel, changing the way we did things forever. The great railways snaked across the land for the first time, bringing people into the cities in numbers beyond anything seen before. Landscapes were changed forever, once rolling hills and fields being buried under the forests of dark factory chimneys that powered the new world.

Britain was at the forefront of this revolution, thanks to the great industrial cities like our own dear Bristol. Already a major port and centre of shipbuilding, the new technology allowed for a floating harbour to be constructed paving the way for some of the world’s first large steamships to be built. As the cities fortunes grew, so too did it’s industries. Glass, paper, chemicals, all thrived in support of the port and the western terminus of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Great Western Railway linked the city up to the rest of the country, allowing for quicker and easier passage of goods and people.

The foundations laid in the industrial revolution shaped Bristol long after its end. In the early 20th century, the city became a center of the aircraft building industry. Even now Bristol is an important financial and technological hub, none of which would have been possible without those first few steps undertaken over two centuries ago.

Your Videos

We have so many talented and budding videographers in the fandom, why not show off what they can do?

We want to see how you experienced the con, show us the adventures and laughs you had.

Whether it’s footage of flying drones, shiny cars, cute fursuits or you and your friends relaxing, your documentation of JFTW helps keep the weekend alive when it’s over.

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